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Shai Hulud and Another Victim split LP

Back when Good Life Recordings were at their peak of production, they released the vinyl versions for some Trustkill Records releases. Trustkill had some releases that were CD only releases in the States, so Belgium’s Good Life Recordings created the vinyl versions. Bands included are Poison The Well, Most Precious Blood, Brother’s Keeper, Eighteen Visions, Nora and Racetraitor.

The split between Shai Hulud and Another Victim is also one of these. The entire pressing was done on black vinyl and colored vinyl. The colored vinyl copies were called multicolored because each individual copy has multiple colors mixed and this resulted in all different shades. I have two pinkish copies, a light one and a darker one. The third copy I own is globally greenish. Makes me curious about other colors. I have to ask pictures before ordering them or trading for one.

The music is classic, three classic songs by each band. Shai Hulud from Florida is known for their misanthropic and intelligent lyrics. They play a metallic and often melodic kind of Hardcore. Another Victim is a Syracuse, NY band they play heavier Hardcore.

Shai Hulud / Another Victim “A Whole New Level Of Sickness” split LP
three shades within the multicolor range

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