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Aim For A New Tomorrow

Quite a step away from the “Element” release, is the follow up LP from the year 2000 of Firestone. It was released on Genet Records. The band had quite a few line-up changes, especially in the vocal department. This last release had Iris on vocals. A melodic female voice, was a substantial change in their sound. Also the music was written more melodic and less brutal. Although still deeply rooted in the typical edge-metal sound. A melodic edge-metal sound is what can be found in their sound at that moment.

I am not able to read the lyrics on the LP insert, far too small lettering. Luckily the lyrics in the CD booklet are printed bigger. Lyrics deal with more (inter-)personal and introspective issues. But also with religiosity as obstruction to think freely. And a song against poisons like drugs, can not be missing.

Firestone “Aim for a New Tomorrow” LP white vinyl
“Let conscience be your guide”
white vinyl, stamp numbered out of 69 copies

What is remarkable about this release is that it also features Colin in two songs. He does additional vocals the exact same way as he still does for his band AmenRa.

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