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Strange New World

The newest release by the Belgian band xHeartfeltx is called “Strange New World”. It’s released on a collectible cassette by Bound By Modern Age Records from Germany. It’s this tape that is going to be reviewed.

xHeartfeltx is a band that has members of Devour and Titan, both bands consist out of people that lived through the 90’s or at least have knowledge the great musical history of that decade. It’s plain and simple, that music and culture flows through our veins and it has become a part of who we are. So I can relate with them also, to an extent.

xHeartfeltx cassette, hand numbered out of 50 copies

Here is what the cover and music inspired me to write:

The title “Strange New World” is so correctly chosen for the times we live in. It’s pretty far from a brave new world. People like us think ethically and critically about the world surrounding us. And we witness a partial decay. It’s like every settled value is fought nowadays. And when you fight it back effectively it looks like it’s getting even worse. Fear and distrust is what cripples our society. Individualistic gain is what drives people. All that’s left of local nature is under pressure because we fear our society would decay if we don’t let the economy grow. Military budgets increased to fight terrorism. All this and far more is witnessed by people who think deeply before they do something, but do not think too much because it’s truly a strange new world.

Musically the title track is truly awesome. You should check it out at their bandcamp and buy an mp3, CD or tape from them. At their bandcamp, Bound By Modern Age or Mark My Words.

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