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25 Ta Life "s/t" 7 Inch

Another NYHC band from the 90’s is 25 Ta Life. Back then they delivered a breed of Hardcore that was popular here in Belgium, but also in France. They had a good live reputation, I was at one of their shows. People were moshing, stage-diving, singing along on the stage and were in short all over the stage instead of in front of it. Good Life Recordings did two LP releases in collaboration with Triple Crown Records from the USA.

Rick Ta Life (the vocalist) is known for his lyrics about unity and other clichés. Nowadays many people hate him and make fun of him on the internet. Obviously he might not be a cool guy because otherwise all this would not have a reason to happen. But I do think that he and 25 Ta Life made NYHC popular for the 90’s kids over here and prevented it from sinking into oblivion to a certain extent also in that way.

This record is from 1994 and is their debut 7 inch. Back then they didn’t yet break through in Europe but still I wanted the record. It’s released on Striving For Togetherness Records. I bought a great condition copy since my previous was in bad condition and it was a good price.

Striving For Togetherness
25 Ta Life 7 inch: front cover
Strving For Togetherness Records
25 ta Life 7 inch: back cover

25 years to lifelong imprisonment is the sentence for the crime of murder, that is why on the front cover a prison is pictured.

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