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Turnstile Summary

Here is a post with some photo’s I posted earlier on Instagram. But since that social medium has got little informative value but a more entertainment and networking value, I’m posting it again for archival reasons. To anyone out there who might be wanting to hunt down some Turnstile records and needs a photo. And is using Google to find one. Also have the opportunity to write larger texts and post several pictures of the same record without having to edit them or something.

I have a funny anecdote concerning the job I did of providing photo’s to the world wide web. One day I was discussing a trade with someone, he wanted a picture of my record to feel sure about the trade. I couldn’t be hassled by taking it out the boxes again. So I sent him a photo I took earlier for this website. The reaction was obviously that he thought I was lying, he said; “that’s only a google picture you downloaded” and meaning “you don’t have the record”. I was like WTF, while I could only realize that I really took the picture and had the record but had no means of proving it. A few days later the dude obviously chickened out even after I did new photo for him and all. He was obviously lacking faith and for some reason faint of heart also. Weird trade and obviously it didn’t work out at all…

Anyway, just for informative reasons and to get back to the haters I will post every version I have of every Turnstile title on Reaper Records beneath here:

Nonstop Feeling
Step 2 Rhythm
Pressure To Succeed

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  1. Great photos and good story! I admire your persistence with collecting Turnstile records. I do not have the energy or desire to try to collect this band's records, but your collections look great, well done!


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