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MERAUDER Master Killer LP Reissue

You know the feeling when you think you’ll never find a certain record? Well, I’ve had it for ages with the pre-order version of the “Masterkiller” LP reissue on Reaper Records. This pressing has my favorite lay-out. Other versions, like the 1995 Century Media pressing look kinda awful in my opinion. A computerized image of a Samurai says nothing to me. Also the reissue on the German label Dead Serious wasn’t satisfactory to me despite it was pressed on two colors, red and white.

Reaper Records changed that opinion with their new lay-out and vinyl colors. The entire package does suit and enforce these recordings of Merauder very well I think. It just feels right to me. Justice finally done to the music.

And now that I’ve finally found the pre-order version on another color I’m truly stoked and rid off the annoying thought of never finding it. To give you an insight of how long it took to get this latest pressing, I’m looking to buy it since 2007, that’s 7 years already. How could it take so long? Maybe because everybody prefers to keep this version because they like it most. And for sure the rarity of it.

Gold and Silver split vinyl (100 copies only)
merauder maserkiller lp reaper records reissue color vinyl pre order
The two colors:
Black with pink (930 copies)
Gold and Silver (100 copies)

It was also Reaper Records first release that caught my attention for the label, but wasn’t immediately on the ball, so I missed out on pre-orders…

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  1. Funny, I think the Century Media sleeve is the best, such a classic mid 90's design. It perfectly fits the time frame. Every time when I think of Merauder that sleeve comes up in my mind.


  2. I dislike the computerized factor about it. It's like a character of a video game.Agreed on the mid-90's design. The sole imaginative character in the middle on the cover is also to be found on the Falls Of Torment of Liar and the wizard on the Blackened Persistence. Same concept, only different character


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