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Burning Fight Book Review

In follow-up to the previous posts about ways of documenting Hardcore, this post is about one of the already existing books. Burning Fight by Brian Peterson is about 90’s hardcore. He writes parts by himself but the main talking is done by those who were involved on the spot.

The concept of the book has been well-thought over. It’s interviewing numerous then and/or still involved people about relevant topics and bands. Then the author thought out a framework and fills in the content with snippets of those interviews.

Firstly you need to know those relevant topics in 90’s hardcore. For instance Work ethic, DIY, Krishna, vegetarianism, veganism, straight-edge, political correct- or incorrectness, etc. Another thing are the bands that the author found relevant. It’s impossible to go broad and in depth at the same time. So there’s a balance between completeness and depth to be found.

I read the book some years ago in it’s entirety and was surprised on how good it was. Especially the Integrity part was revealing and breath taking to read. Other bands include Earth Crisis, 108, Undertow and many more. All American and some I didn’t even know the existence of …

The illustration of the book could be better in my opinion. Small pictures and black and white ink, but you get the main atmosphere of it.
Book is brought out by REVELATION PUBLISHING and gets my score of 7/10.
burning fight book revelation records brian peterson
Burning Fight book by Brian Peterson

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