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Death Threat

I like it when a label puts real effort in their pre-order editions. I mean, not a lazy photocopied cover on another color of paper. But a real vinyl color and a real different cover. Nowadays standards are high when you want to excel at what you are doing as a label.
The following record is a fine example of this. An exclusive and limited color of vinyl combined with a different cover. I’ve been here and there to get this one, when all of a sudden Reaper Records had this one listed with a BIN price that seemed within my financial possibilities.

death threat lost at sea limited edition clear vinyl pre order reaper records

When you are making number 25 for your label, one better does it right!

There are a few things that need to be remarked in the detailed perspective of this record. Namely that the Champion logo the dude with the baseball bat is wearing on the cover, is actually colored in red! So this is not a black and white monochrome cover as you might think from seeing it online. I actually only noticed this when getting it in my hands…

Also the Reaper Records logo is doubled on the vinyl label as you wouldn’t expect! As to why it’s there twice, I do not know… But it’s there on every color of the first presses and also on the inverted labels of the seconds presses!

Double Reaper Records logo
Double Reaper Records logo
Double Reaper Records logo
Inverted labels also double Reaper Records logo

This is rather funny because the designer probably forgot to photoshop it away when changing the logo’s position! And they didn’t even notice when making the second presses with inverted labels…

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