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DOWN TO NOTHING All My Sons 7" 4th Press DETAIL

There is something special about this pressing that’s needed to be cemented in the Reaper Records history. I’m taking the honor to do so here on this blog. The 4th pressing of the “All My Sons” 7 inch from DOWN TO NOTHING appears to be black but really isn’t so if you look closely.

The vinyl color is different depending on the angle you look at it. It’s more like dark purple than regular black. It wasn’t easy for me to document or capture this event with my camera. Took about twenty shots and picked out the clearest examples of what I’m trying to proof.

4th pressing has black labels with silver ink stamp on both sides
The vinyl color that appears black but is actually dark purple
down to nothing all my sons 7 inch vinyl fourth press
best proof of statement is when the record is put next to a real black vinyl

You do not need a magnifying glass to see the difference, totally cool surprise if you ask me! There’s more content coming from Reaper Records, so stick tight to this blog…

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  1. i wanted to pick up a copy myself but it always slipped through my fingers on ebay. i'm curious about how reaper will list this fourth press when updating their discography.

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