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Out Crowd Tourpress 7 inch

And another one that’s missing from the Reaper Records discography… A special cover version of the OUT CROWD “Just Us” 7 inch. One you’ve probably never seen. Since it’s not a numbered item, it was hard to formulate a price for this baby. But the American dude was down with my offer. So here’s the third record I got in the trade. It comes on red vinyl, since these were for pre-orders, there can’t be many with this cover.

outcrowd just us red vinyl 7 inch limited cover reaper record

Out Crowd is a band that you must listen to if you like Youth Of Today. I totally dig the artwork on the centerlabel of the vinyl. There are even slipmats made of that logo. I’m in doubt whether to buy on or not.

Leaves me to say that this is a cover above the regular cover. Why waste the cover that already existed for a new cover. Might as well give both to the buyer…

The fact that I call this version a tour press is solely based on information the trader got from the band. He got it on a New Years show (December 29th) in Richmond VA. The show was Blind Justice, War Hungry, Foundation, Out Crowd, King Nine and a few other bands…

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