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CRO-MAGS Alpha Omega LP

The second record I bought in the same pre-order was the reissue of the CRO-MAGS “Alpha Omega” LP. It was eventually DEMONS RUN AMOK who re-released this classic. Here’s all the info that the label provided on it’s release:

Finally available on Vinyl again soon since 1991!
In 1991 Robert Kampf, owner of record company Century Media and Cro-Mag fan, decides to travel to New York to try to convince Harley to restart the Cro-Mags. Kampf is prepared to invest a lot of money in the band and the only condition is that John and Doug return to the band. Harley agrees and the band, including Dave DiSenso on drums and Gabby on guitar go into the studio to record their third album. The result is the album called Alpha Omega.

The first record reuniting original members John “Bloodclot” Joseph and Harley Flanagan, 1992’s “Alpha Omega” saw the band employ more of a crossover sound with the same streetwise attitude and Krishna philosophy. 

Limited to 500!

  • 100 Clear (only available at Revelation Records)
  • 100 Clear Red (only available at Green Hell Records)
  • 100 Clear Blue Demons Run Amok
  • 200 in Black Demons Run Amok

 Releasedate: 17.05.2013

I only got it on blue vinyl since I didn’t want to order it from Green Hell and RevHQ. Here’s how the thing looks:

cro mags alpha omega LP blue vinyl dra demons run amok reissue

To close this post off with, a fun fact that I remembered happening and that I’ve got physical proof on. About 6 years ago Reaper Records was working on the reissue of this CRO-MAGS classic. They were actually planning and already announcing the release of the Alpha Omega LP on their label. If you don’t believe me, here’s the scan of a promo-flyer that I kept in my archives.

Promo-flyer for the never released reissue on Reaper Records

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