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SPINELESS Cassette To Pit Criticism

I recently snagged the last missing format I needed of this great H8000 release from Spineless. I now have it on LP/CD and on cassette. I got to know the existence of it through H8000 Central, already lots of years ago. One can imagine how low chances of finding this are.

spineless a talk between me and the stars tape cassette sober mind refuse records

As you can see on this picture lyrics are both there in English and Polish.

Obviously the translator did not have knowledge of French because everything English is translated and the first intro called “Ce qu’il nous reste” isn’t translated in Polish.

You already know the history of these Polish tapes. They were officially made by Refuse Records to bring the H8000 songs to Polish listeners who could not afford importing these from Belgium.

These songs were anthems to many true H8000 warriors and still are. Headshot from Kortrijk still covers the song “Human Disgrace” in their live-shows.

Although it’s a sad trend and fact that this music isn’t moshed on anymore like in the 90’s. As you can see in the video; Moshpits have become asocial places where only two or three kids make their moves in. If they’d dance like this back then they would have been kicked out or sorted out and certainly corrected by many other kids.

Anyway instead of showing your force in those asocial and inhospitable pits maybe you’d better start learning these lyrics and sing along.

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