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NASTY "Love" LPs

Finally some input again in my collection. This time I share with you my joy in receiving the first vinyl-versions of a NASTY release. You know NASTY, the declarers of the European Beatdown war. They are already around for a respectable period now. But the band never got around to releasing vinyl, but that all changes now with their signing on BEATDOWN HARDWEAR.

As you know they were previously a Good Life Recordings band. And I already reviewed their Aggression album and their Give A Shit album. Two of my most popular posts of all time. And now they have a new record out on CD, digital and LP called “Love”!

Those who know me, already are familiar with my complaining that many good bands – like Nasty, Six Feet Ditch, Rise Of The Northstar, Slam Coke,… – don’t release on vinyl. I think that’s a missed opportunity! But this might change now that Nasty successfully (fast selling) released an LP on three colors.

On those colored vinyl records. The 14 songs long album was released on WHITE, RED and BLACK. The three colors were numbered, I got two colors out of hundred. Those numbers were put in the lower left corner of the back of the cover.

nasty love vinyl lp red beat down hardware

So far the red version pictures. Note that the red seems a bit mixed with some black….

But again there’s something ‘strange’ going on with my ‘WHITE’ version. It isn’t white at all but obviously it’s GRAY:

I should have bought all hundred white colors to accurately document and know the pressing evolvement of this ‘White’ version. Why didn’t I do that?

No, just kidding! The music on this record is not so different from their previous releases, nothing big changed, they stayed in their blatant, hard and honest style that I love.

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  1. hey willem, got myself a copy on white vinyl, too. mine is #13 and it's the same gray with black swirl vinyl. i thought i got some transitional copy but it seems that they were all this way checking out your copy. my post will take some time though. got to work my way through the pile 😉


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