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Good Life Recordings SUB-Labels

The Good Life Recordings catalog seems impossible to complete. What many people don’t know is that Good Life is a parental-label who has sister-labels also. FINAL BEATDOWN Recordings is one of them. Another one is GREEN LEAF Recordings.

But let’s start with Final Beatdown Recordings, the sub-label has got some renown bands in her catalog. Bands like BREAKDOWN (NYHC fame), E-TOWN CONCRETE (Ghetto-metal kings from New Jersey) and STIGMATA. But also one Belgian band called CRAWLSPACE. Some releases came on black vinyl and color vinyl.
Here is a collection shot to see them all together in all their glory:
breakdown stigmata e-town concrete crawlspace final beatdown record good life sub label
#01 BREAKDOWN “Battle hymns For An Angry Planet”#02 STIGMATA “Do Unto Others”

#03 CRAWLSPACE “Enter The Realm of Chaos”

#04 E-TOWN CONCRETE “The Second Coming”

breakdown stigmata e town concrete crawspace vinyl color lp final beatdown record
As far as I know there’s one vinyl release on GREEN LEAF Recordings and that’s the GWYLLIONS  LP called “Idiosyncracy”. My copy comes on BROWN vinyl.
gwyllions idiosyncracy vinyl lp brown green leaf records
There’s also SOULREAPER Records under which the metal releases were housed… But that’s for another post.

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