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BACKTRACK LP 1st VS. 2nd Press

A while ago the second pressing of BACKTRACK’s LP “Darker Half”, was nominated for the ‘Record Of The Week’ feature from Pirate Press. It was October 12th to be precise. Not that I needed motivation to buy it. I try to collect every release and every variant of Reaper Records. But I knew it wouldn’t sell out immediately so I only recently got it in the mail. And must say it looks awesome indeed.

backtrack darker half lp second press vinyl

The record got a new bandlogo color. From pale green to blue, which is an improvement:

backtrack darker half lp first press second press reaper records vinyl

Also the band picture is totally different, they stand up in the second press cover, while they are sat on the first press cover:

And B-side labels are totally different too:

1st press B-side label
backtrack darker half lp dog pound nation vinyl
2nd press B-side label

If you also think it looks and sounds good, I suggest you support Reaper Records and buy it…

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  1. This is one of the most ugly record covers I have ever seen. Puts me off wanting to listen to this band!

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