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SOLID Sadness Of Mankind CD

It must have been 1994 or 1995 when Dominiek and his brother Frederiek started to make groovier and heavier music under influence of Heavy Metal. Under the name of Spirit Of Youth they couldn’t release their music anymore. The band changed their sound, message and line-up too much to still go under that name. Two ‘new’ faces appeared, namely Sid and Kris. A new band came to being and they called it SOLID. Sid would become the vocalist and Kris did the bass. While Dominiek played guitar and his brother Frederiek drummed.

solid sadness of mankind cover cd h8000
Front cover

Their first CD was called SADNESS OF MANKIND, over and out with the fast paced traditional old-school straight-edge sound. Over and out with singing about friendship, politics, love, etc. Sid wrote in 1995 darker, angrier and more hateful lyrics.

The 5 songs that are on it were definitely a tad harder and of a more vicious nature. It was definitely ahead of it’s time then. Not that H8000 was free of hate and violence before, but it became more and more outspoken.

“Solid is the name and hating is the game.”

“What brings forth deceit, unchains my hatred, you’re gonna end up beneath my feet.”

As we all now, the music came first and became harder, heavier and groovier. Metal influence more outspoken and that requiered ofcourse a different message to, although Straight-Edge and Animal Rights were still the motors behind the message. As if they had enbough of saying the message peacefully.

1996 H8000 Hardcore


  • No vinyl version was made, only a CD in a cardboard cover.
  • The labels were Released Power Productions and Existence Of Hate Records
  • Recorded at Midas Studio January 1996 in Lokeren

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