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Good things come to those who patiently wait. That has been the case with two of my longtime wants. The first object I desired and needed was the BEIGE colored LP of Firestone. So I happily found it a few weeks ago. The seller claimed it was Mint and hell yes, this record is dead mint to say at least. Looks like fresh from the pressing plant.

firestone element lp beige vinyl sober mind records h8000
Firestone “Element” BEIGE colored LP
Centerlabels, hand stamped with the usual Sober Mind Records stamp

The record is stamp numbered out of 110 copies only, mine is 81. One of the best looking records I’ve seen but still stay true to my statement that the one of a kind is the best looking record.

Look up a one of a kind version and also the review that Ezekiel made about it.

Lyrics, bandpictures, credits and thanks on sleeve

This record plays loudly on 45 rpm and is one of the better records of the late nineties, 1998 to be precise. It’s not a classic, like “Strike The Match” , “Blackened Persistence” or “Invictus” to the bigger world. But still a true underground H8000 jewel that’s needed in a good H8000 collection.

I for one am truly happy to have this in the collection, one want erased, one step closer to insanity!


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