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Spawn / Feeding The Fire 7" CLEAR wax

The pressing history of this records seems – according to the CRUCIAL RESPONSE pressing info page – quite disastrous. Seems that the vinyl labels were inverted, did not know if they meant the colors or the side the labels are on. But also the sleeves were reprinted after being rejected.

This post is about a copy that still has that blueish sleeve that was rejected. As you can see from the picture beneath there’s quite a difference especially when holding them next to each other:

spawn feeding the fire cover difference vinyl 7 inch
the accepted black versus the rejected blueish sleeve

I got this record for a true bargain price on eBay. Seems like nobody was interested in this meaningful record. At least I’m truly happy with it. It’s also on clear vinyl, and that’s the only color existing.

spawn feeding the fire clear vinyl 7 inch

And after I played both copies I found out that ‘reverse’ meant the labels on the wrong side! So this clear copy is one of the very first sold copies in 1993. From which the majority were sent back to the pressing plant!

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  1. I got mine from someone in spawn who claims there was a pressing without covers.So what I got is just wax in a paper it in 1995 or 96

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