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This is not a regular post about vinyl. What follows is a review of a band that was featured on the V/A Beatdown Basterds CD. Both bands are newer bands from the Charleroi area, in the French speaking part of Belgium. It’s actually a split release between two Black Land Crew bands, the one called DIRTY FINGERS and the other called TRUTH IN BLOOD.

Both bands have tracks that are mixed, one by TRUTH IN BLOOD, then one by DIRTY FINGERS and again one from TRUTH IN BLOOD and so on… But also the music is hard to separate from eachother so it sound like a continuous succession of songs by the same band, only the line-up changes and the lyrics

What struck me the most was the diversity of the musical styles used in this creation and the freedom to call all of this “Hardcore”. Because I hear Metalcore parts, beatdown parts, grind influences and Hip Hop lyrical content. The new generation seemed to get bored of sticking to one and only one style and they switch fluently from Metalcore over to Beatdown and back again.So the question remains what is Hardcore nowadays? It’s no longer one style, it’s no longer Olsdschool or Newschool, no longer Youthcrew or Edge-metal. This eclectic approach of the band is really striking I think.

Also the front-cover of the album is very divers and has punks, skins, metal people, nerds, thugs, kids and old guys and all in one massive moshpit! Very representative to what it sounds like too…I really don’t understand what’s going on nowadays but I’m getting older I guess. I still hear aggression, thinking, street wisdom etc. but it makes me confused…

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