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Giveaway Contest RESULTS

The contest is over and those who are mentioned beneath need to contact me in order to get their prizes!

Those who win 2 7″s are:

  • Ed Good Life
  • Bart Van Den Vonder
  • Emil Gilmanov
The 5th surprise prize goes to:
  • David Marote
And first prize (3 7″s) goes to:
  • Aditya Suteja from New Born Fire Zine
Contact me with your top 3 wants of the list and your shipping address and I will give them in first come, first serve basis!

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  1. Ed Good Life is letting the honour to other people who are unknowing about those record! There are 2 records left from the giveaway! Contact me if you want them…Congress – Euridium – PurpleL,T&H

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