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SHORTSIGHT CD Still Available (H8000)


If you think H8000 music is gone, you are not exactly right because one of these gems is still largely available at Good Life Recordings. It’s a CD yes but the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. The music is really powerful yet sensitive with the female vocals. But more  of that later on… Let’s start with a brief introduction of the recorded output.

I don’t know that much about the history of the band but Hans from LIAR also sang the demo-recordings. This demo was released on cassette through Warehouse Records.

With the 8000-crew sticker

Also the 7″s are kicking around on the web now and then. The music is recorded in Cats Studio for this 7″ and there were several colors pressed: RED, ORANGE, BABY BLUE, WHITE, CLEAR and BLACK on Conquer The World Records from USA. Which was very progressive for that moment of time.


As H8000 Central told us; due to the bad distribution back then these recordings were also pressed by a European label, MACHINATION Records but then with only two colors (CLEAR?) and BLACK. The sleeves are the same but with inverse color-scheme.

LEFT is European Pressing: Machination Records
RIGHT is USA Pressing: Conquer The World Records
Slightly different lay-out for the BACK-covers

Notice the date-difference on the back-cover of the EU-pressing:

second recording date
first recording date

So the only remaining recordings or format that you can buy straight from the label still are those CD’s called “Cold Wounds Waking”. What differs this output from other H8000 bands is the harmonic atmospheric sound.

This album was mastered -like many H8000 recordings- by Tony Deblock at MIDAS STUDIO in July 1994 while the 7″ was recorded March 1993. This CD has the 3 Godfathers of the crew collaborating in it; Edward (releases, label activities, front photo), Hans LIAR (backing in the songs “Father”) and Josh CONGRESS (wrote partly in the song “Uprooted”).

Cover FRONT – With Hans in full front-row action !
Notice the Carhart rip-off logo

Not so popular band / release as their peers’ bands / releases from the time-period, that’s why it was never pressed onto vinyl. The funny thing is actually that Good Life Recordings still has a lot of these CD’s left and you can still buy it straight from the label for a bargain price of 4 euro! I’d say throw this one in your shopping basket and own some authentic piece of H8000 history! Show Good Life some love and buy this CD for only 4 euro…

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