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RISE AND FALL Hellmouth And Punkmetal

About the RISE AND FALL “Hellmouth” reissue! Their debut LP, “Hellmouth” has been repressed by their trusted label Deathwish Inc. So for most Belgians and H8000 fanatics nothing new here… But much changed since the original 2004 release of “Hellmouth” on Join The Team Player Records. They grew and have explored their musical capabilities and styles, toured, etc.

Their label, Deathwish Inc. refers to this album as the blueprint for punkmetal. But that’s incorrect as you might expect me saying; earlier bands like early LIAR, entire CONGRESS, later SHORTSIGHT, etc. actually laid that blueprint in my opinion. Not to speak of the embryonic WHEEL OF PROGRESS! But there’s many ignorance and misunderstanding about these bands and the 90’s scene they hail from, so I’m not blaming anybody for this misinformation!

Personally, I as a kid, always described Hardcore as a mixture of punk and metal to people who were unknowing about it! Me being the teenager kid was ofcourse also wrong because hardcore ain’t per definition a mixture of metal and punk… but looking at the scene I was in and the bands I was exposed to I didn’t know better. So I’ve always described it as some kind of punkmetal, way before RISE AND FALL and other punkmetal bands like OATHBREAKER existed. What RISE AND FALL does do, is introducing it to the world and a larger crowd of new kids!

I’m not trying to minimize the band’s delivery I still think it’s the best contemporary band! A band that has the same magic as the early Revelation bands, like Chain Of Strength, while not copycatting it, but playing something totally different!

rise and fall hellmouth LP deathwish 2012 reissue gold vinyl
Transparent GOLD vinyl: 330 copies
rise and fall hellmouth LP deathwish 2012 reissue orange vinyl
Solid ORANGE vinyl: 756 copies

As you can see, the CD artwork has been used! Which looks much more colorful than the OG vinyl pressing on ANGER MANAGEMENT Records:

rise and fall hellmouth LP black vinyl anger management
OG Vinyl pressing: Standard BLACK
rise and fall hellmouth color clear LP anger management records vinyl
CLEAR Vinyl: OG Colorpressing

Also, as we are used of DWinc; heavy sleeves and quality vinyl! Overall much more quality than the the Original pressing! Which makes me like it more! But that clear vinyl still’s the rarest version out there! And is highly desired by now….

As far as the comparison goes, also a few bonus tracks on the reissue!

Anyway, always judge for yourself by buying it straight from the band.

Also looking out for the release of the H8000 BOOK; that should take away all the misunderstanding about the scene R&F members grew up in!

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