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An Update On The REAPER Collection

Who would have thought that I actually would buy a new MADBALL record, let stand wanting to build up a collection, go on eBay to get them and eventually even make a collection-picture! Well definitely nobody would do that, except maybe for the BALL OF DESTRUCTION 7″, they’d give money but not for the recent records.

But since I collect REAPER RECORDS it happened to me:

madball real american hardcore 7 inch vinyl collection reaper records
the 4 colors of the R.A.H.C. 7″

I’m doing quite well on my REAPER RECORDS collection by the way, I even found another of those UNITED BLOOD 2011 Stamped 7″ releases that are all out of 20 copies only, that make two in my collection already:

various mercy for none compilation reaper records red vinyl united blood stamp

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