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Should I Still Collect TUI and Reaper?

I remember the fact that when ONE LIFE CREW started a fight with a kid during a show in the 90’s they immediately got kicked off their label VICTORY RECORDS.

Well, I am saying this because the Internet news from a while ago let us know that TUI’s singer actually did the same. But REAPER still supports them and released their sophomore LP “Big Kiss Goodnight”.

Another thing is that I collect REAPER RECORDS stuff and that I don’t really believe of justify the explanation TUI’s vocalist gave.

So the question rises, should I still collect REAPER RECORDS stuff, because I truly believe kids are the lifeblood of Hardcore and Beatdown and should be treated with respect…

But another fact is that this new Trapped Under Ice record sound equally sick! And I mean sick in the negative sense of the word like insane…

I don’t support Trapped Under Ice no more because of that and really think the world went to easy over that fact, but should I sell the rest of the REAPER collection??? This question still puzzles me…

FLANDERSFURY does NOT support violence towards kids from artists!

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  1. good post, I'm having about the same moral issue. I still buy one copy of what they do, as a mere completion to the collection.Either way, as you stated, the new album isn't that great, many bands did & do better than this…keep up the posts!DMZ


  2. Hey WillemIf memory serves, OLC was kicked off because of the lyrical contect on “Crime Ridden Society” and their views on illegal immigration. The label received threats of boycotts (people stating they would no longer support the label if OLC was still on it) and eventually dropped it. The Cleveland Fest “riot” I think helped in the decision but I don't think that was the tipping point or the only reason. Im not a big TUI fan but they did come out and apologize for the incident at least…not that it makes it any better but at least they were smart enough to realize they made a mistake. Hope you're well brother.


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