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Play It Again Sam (RISE ABOVE)

I was honored to be able to sell a huge part of my POWERED Records collection to one magnificent guy. Also the majority of my TRUE COLORS collection on ebay went to him. It was a Belgian who collects nothing but Belgian Hardcore! That’s a focus upon collecting you don’t see that often and it’s a useful focus also. Belgium really has some great bands that are mostly underrated and left aside by other collectors. There’s also a lot of ignorance about the great scene then and now here in Belgium. Can you imagine that many Americans don’t know that TRUE COLORS or RISE AND FALL are from here. A little patriotism is never wrong!

So he received a lot of records that are now his and I don’t feel competition or regret that he has them now, on the contrary I’m glad he has them. Also from his part I feel he appreciates my effort because he explicitly said that I deserved a certain record. And this record is what this post is about.

I posted two BLINDFOLD shirts on facebook. And he knew some cool stories about those old H8000 shirts. But there was one fact in particular that got my attention. He spoke about a RISE ABOVE P.I.A.S. pressing. Just like the majority of you I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Although I do know the band RISE ABOVE and I assume you know something about them also if you read my blog… I surely hope so.

To get back on track; the P.I.A.S. pressing is a totally rare version of the first RISE ABOVE 7″. So rare that I thought it was impossible to get and that’s what I said to Lode also on facebook. He replied to me that if one day he’d find a double of this gem he’d trade me one. Skeptic as I am, I didn’t believe him. But he replied in a mysterious way saying that he loves happy endings.

A few weeks later he gets back to me saying he well on track in finding another one of the Play It Again Sam pressing, yes that what P.I.A.S. stands for. So it happened, it arrived in my mailbox and this is how it looks like:

The record is out of the 10 copies existing range. And maybe you say, that’s a record I have also but this isn’t exactly true. Look at this:

rise above punk etc 7 inch play it again sam records vinyl label mispress

And then look at this:

That all about this one for now! Will make a post with the entire pressing story soon, will be asking those who know about it. To do a feature on my blog!! Stay tuned….


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