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The Great Ceremony ep’s COMMERCIAL

After doing sports in this beautiful weather I got ambitious and decided to do the impossible; review the RUINED ep of CEREMONY! But after trying hard I came to the conclusion that I can’t! So this post turned out in a commercial! hehe!!

Many fellow bloggers have posted this on their blog but there’s only one that did something informative and that’s Doug from We Will Bury You did the most informative post about it because he told us the pressing info.

I sold, traded and gave 3 copies in total of the yellow to other collectors, but since that I now know that I really need a copy in my personal collection! And that this one’s perfectly fit for doing that! Also thanks to TRE from Deathwish Inc. for selling it!

Another record I have is the most recent pressing of the SCARED PEOPLE ep. Ceremony at their most angry yet genius state of mind, think angriness of RUINED and abstract geniality of VIOLENCE VIOLENCE!

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