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Nations On Fire Collection Is Growing!

Sunday evening while selling records, I also took the time and energy to bid on some sweet NATIONS ON FIRE records. A strong German seller sold perfect condition NATIONS ON FIRE records, so I needed those to keep and upgrade the ever-growing collection, he also had a version of the BURN AGAIN 2×7″ that I missed but did know the existence about.

I think it’s a different pressing because the colors of the sleeves aren’t exactly the same. Same color-scheme but slightly different ink. It’s also a glossier sleeve for the limited colored version. Also the color of the vinyl-labels are slightly different. Will try to show it in pictures:

Mate sleeve for the Black (left)
Glossy sleeve for the colored (right)
Limited edition, numbered on plastic sleeve out of 410
A bit warmer colors for the black version

The matrix etchings are the same, but so is it for the 2 STRIVE MUSIC LPs. So they used the same testpressing!

The other one I one that I posted last week but then in much better condition AND complete with inserts and label promises. I mean info about the records they were planning on releasing but the in earlier stage of the production proces, so different than the actual result. Interesting to say at least!


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