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FLOORPUNCH From eBay Belgium

In this post I will give you a hint that’s useful for your wallets! But first of all I want to tell that eBay is a total screw up for the traditional way of collecting. Earlier when there was no Internet record were pretty hard to find. Collectors needed to do everything by post or by telephone and fax! Back then a physical tradelist on paper was the only source or the good old record stores or on shows from distro’s.
But then came the internet and changed everything. Records were/are all of sudden pretty much more accessible. Especially now with eBay everything is up for grabs! But prices have climbed with this evolution also. It is no longer a matter of finding a record but no it’s a matter of being able to pay the crazy price for records. To say it in a catchphrase, it’s the money that’s hard to find nowadays!

But there are also exceptions and that’s ebay Belgium. Not many record pop up on that site. This has various reasons that aren’t all know by me. But an important one I do know, that’s because Belgium is a small country so also a small amount of collectors, thus a small demand. A small demand means lower prices. Lower prices mean that people aren’t eager to sell also. So we get a vicious circle.

But when records do pop up on eBay Belgium they almost always go for lower prices than average, so if you are smart you buy over there! And that’s why I’m saying this; collectors worldwide please do yourself a favor and search on ebay Belgium and get great deals.

The following record is a good example of the situation on eBay Belgium. I got this for almost halve of the regular price. And considering that it’s a f*cking FLOORPUNCH record, which are very popular at the moment it’s not difficult to prove what I’m saying!

Quite stoked on having this and never thought I would! I have no ambition of having a complete collection of this, although I think it’s a sweet record and crucial to say at least.

Check Doug’s blog if you want to behold the completeness of the different pressings!

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