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NOT AFRAID Be Yourself ep

Not knowing that Packo from TRUE COLORS (rip) fronted this band I ordered from CONTROL RECORDS. And that seemed to be a good decision, because this relatively new label risen from the ashes of Powered Records is quite fast becoming highly collectible. Because firstly the bands on Control are good bands that play hardcore with power and passion. Secondly it are vinyl-only releases in ultra limited turnovers with consequently only one color- and a black version. This brings us back to the old school way of releasing. Anyway I’m not completely correct about the colors; there are also transitional copies around.

About the NOT AFRAID “Be Yourself ep”, I need to say that I’m very enthusiast. While the band is still in an embryonic phase, you can definitely hear that they live hardcore and that most of them are experienced musicians. I haven’t seen the band live but they seem to make the music in a fluent way. As if there’s almost no screen between the sound and their hardcore spirit.

But what I like the most is the plain and simple message that’s totally clear brought to the kids and old guys. Be Yourself was, is and will be the message. And they stress it again.

If you combine that old way of releasing records with the music and message of this sweet ep, you need no further explanation of how cool the whole is…

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