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CHAIN OF STRENGTH: Has The Edge Gone Dull?

What a breathtaking record this is! I think this is the best late 80’s to early 90’s SxE album I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Lyrically they say everything a person into straight-edge thinks, feels and lives. While saying this they constantly hit the core of the matter without saying too many words. Simply amazing!

Final press on GREY WAX (april 2001, 440 made)

I used to have this album and ending up not listening to it for two reasons; getting it from iTunes as a gift was the first reason. I burned this on a CDr and the music just didn’t appeal to me because of the very crappy format or music-bearer. The second reason was that later I got it on vinyl from a German collector and that I didn’t want to play a colored Revelation classic.
But then I found a sealed black copy from the repress and decided to buy it, so that I could listen it decently! So it happened and it’s as I said simply breathtaking, literally!

The record is as the insert says, actually a compilation LP from the two 7″s they released and an unreleased track called “Impact”. And was put out for the first time in 1996 on GREEN and BLACK vinyl.

Don’t know why but the A-side features the “What Holds Us Apart” 7″ that was released on FOUNDATION RECORDS in 1990, while the B-side has the “True Till Death” 7″ released on REVELATION RECORDS in 1989? Because it puzzles me why they put the second release first on the LP?

Also need to say that the WHUA 7″ has a US pressing (Foundation Records #01) and a EU-pressing on FIRST STRIKE Records. Anyway no need to tell this because it is already made known by Kevin Finn on the Rev.txt page!

That being known, I’m quite glad to have these songs on a proper format and package. The original eps are something for later I guess, waiting in line… I think I’d go for the True Till Death 7″ first because these are the best songs of the LP, IMO.

I’ve really come to the understanding of “why” this is so desired by collectors now… Truly amazing!!

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