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AmenRa Prayers 09 – 10 LP

One day I received a phone-call from a fellow collector with whom I traded several times and met in person also. He knew that I was looking for the vinyl version of the AmenRa Prayers 09 -10 LP. He was kind enough to let me know that all of a sudden the label was taking pre-orders for legendary and highly sought after LP again. So I realized I needed to act. But at the time of receiving the phone-call my internet connection was down. I called him back to ask if he could contact the label with the question of putting one aside for me, because the label limited the purchases of one per customer. And so it happened.

The new pre-orders of the record had multiple versions and were sold out within a day or so. I didn’t get the chance to buy the most limited version but still this is one of the most interesting DIY made LP’s I’ve ever seen. And the record has the most beautiful AmenRa songs I’ve heard so far. So I’m very glad to have it.

On the B-side of the record there is screenprinted a beast. The funny thing about that is; the screenprint is done on a side of the record that WAS actually able to be played. As you can notice from the grooves.

Print on grooved vinyl
The pressing info is actually very complex. The first press of the record has a CLEAR version also.
I THINK the label had some LP’s left and suddenly decided to make another run of versions. I don’t think they let repress the vinyl because the turnover was to small.
Well, who knows and who will let know???

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