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Powered Records Collection Is Growing

Recently I picked up the rarest version of the LOUD AND CLEAR Lp on Powered Records:

loud and clear LP limited cover blue lettering powered records

This one has an alternate sleeve with the band name in BLUE instead of RED. And is printed on thick foldout paper. Also numbered out of 45 and has a stamp on the dust-sleeve:

loud and clear LP limited final pressing cover powered records

I really like those little details that Powered Records has an eye for.

Another version is also cool to have; the LIGHT THE FUSE fest version. Powered ordered an exclusive color from the pressing plant to sell on that fest, namely CLEAR!

loud and clear LP clear vinyl light the fuse festival pressing

They also put a stamp on the dust-sleeve like they regularly do. But this time the stamp looks boring but is informative though:

Bandname, edition name, numbering and web address

I do not know why POWERED RECORDS seems defunct now, I regret it though.

Another sweet thing is that these records are mint, because I got them from the label and from a friend of the band. Will store them safely. Which isn’t easy, because the final press sleeve is as I told thick paper, but could easily be caught up with ringwear after a few years. That why I came up with a solution:

  1. Separate the vinyl with dust-sleeve from the record sleeve
  2. Put the vinyl with dust-sleeve in a empty leftover LP jacket
  3. Put the record sleeve and now full LP jacket in a plastic protective sleeve
  4. Put the whole in a sealed plastic LP box
I guess it can’t rest more safely than that…

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