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H8000 Tapes

While I made a post about the h8000 related vinyl I bought with short descriptions added, I also scored some tapes. This is because I sought for all formats, knowing there are many DIY tapes out there.
But to my happy surprise I had the chance to buy a lot of them. So here ‘s a nice chunk of those very nice tapes out there:

The funny thing is that I do not have a tape-deck but the day I find one that works, I will let you know everything about them.
But I can tell you which ones I obtained in a nutshell now:
ROW ABOVE (from left to right):
  1. Blindfold Live Tape from the year 1993 + their first recordings
  2. Blindfold “Asteroid 164*” (from Poland)
  3. Instinct promo tape
  4. 187 (recorded 1998)
  5. 187 (recorded 1999)
ROW UNDER (from left to right):
  1. Family Of Dog 5 song promo tape (1996)
  2. xNatural Orderx SxE militia (everything hand drawn and written, recorded 1997)
  3. Firestone / Spineless (1997)
  4. Spineless Demo tape (1996)
  5. D.S.A. (recorded @ Vortn’ Vis)
Pretty sweet and mega cult to have these. Will tell you more later!

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