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CULTURE "Born Of You": 1st CTW pressing

culture born of you original conquer the world pressings red blue smoke vinyl morning again 90s
Just a small post to say that I have the two colors of the first pressing on CONQUER THE WORLD:

  • Blue (/200)
  • Red (/300).

This is also released in Europe by GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS:

  • Clear (/100)
  • Blue (/200)

Looking at the numbers it is easily understood that the Good Life pressing is much harder to find. Add to this that European collectors aren’t eager to sell their records as much as in the USA…

Also need to say that for the pressing info I completely rely on the sellers of these two records. But I got the numbers independent of each other and the numbers seem kinda logical; 500 in total.

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  1. I have this record on 4 different colors, red, blue, black and orange for the CTW release….and 2 for the GL, blue and a smokish clear black color. Are you sure about your numbers?


  2. I got word from Edward that these sold out so fast that he wasn't able to keep record of it, let be keeping some for himself, so we cannot show pictures. Another interesting detail is that these were pressed in the different plant than usual so it is likely that there are no transitional copies of this one, because a different plant means different colors and methods to press…Andy, I advice you keep the records you have, because the “smoky” clear might still be a transitional I think. I will keep a heads up for you, when I can track one down. Maybe it is also useful to give me your email address so that I can mail you; just send in a mail to my address (info @ flandersfury . net) and I'll have it. I'm also interested in seeing pictures of your Born Of Your Records… Thanks -Willem


  3. Hey Willem,Ik heb thuis nog enkele kopies van deze plaat liggen, moest je er interesse in hebben…1x zwart vinyl op CTW1x blauw vinyl op GLR1x zwart vinyl op GLR


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