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Project X: B9 reissues

Another great achievement and merit of Bridge 9 is the Project X reissue. The first press of this record was white and came with the Schism book, that compiles all three issues of Schism Fanzine. I wasn’t already into collecting records from Bridge 9 when this was released. So the numbered out of 500 and white 7″ came to me in a trade. I was lucky enough to still find the book on RevHQ several years ago. The other presses were simply bought by me on the B9 webstore.

project X reissues official bridge 9 white black clear
What I like about this 7″ is that it is legit, I never buy bootlegs. Because that’s not that challenging to get and certainly unfair. Another thing I like is that it is on colored wax and that there are several colors to collect.

If you want to find out more about the pressing info of this, visit the Bridge Nine discography page. Very cool and well worked out page. Every label should do this!

For those who have been living on the moon or the younger hardcore kids:

This record was originally released by Alex Brown and Porcell of Schism Records and came with issue 7 of schism fanzine. Not that they made 7 issues, they just started their first zine with higher number. The record is highly collectible and has different versions also, although they are all on black wax the differences lay in the stamps on the labels and the fact that they came with the zine or were sold on a Bold show or separately.

From the Revelation secret pressing info page:

Of the 500 pressed, 300 came with Schism Fanzine #7. 100 with Project X stamp sold at a Bold show, the others sold separately. There have been a number of really good bootlegs for this so the easiest way to find an original would be to get the fanzine with it, although I’ve heard of a bootleg of that as well.

The record has the most renown line up ever, members of JUDGE, GORILLA BISCUITS, SIDE BY SIDE, YOUTH OF TODAY and others. The names of the members were pseudonyms. They had a militant way of playing music and the lyrics were tong in cheek and also militant. Only the song-titles like “Straight-edge Revenge”, “Dance Floor Justice”, “Cross Me” and “Shutdown” say enough. The 7″ inch has 5 songs and two live songs at legendary clubs in NYC. And is probably the most bootlegged hardcore record ever.

So luckily Bridge 9 made this available again, for all ages to hear and collect!!

schism fanzine book compilation NYHC bridge 9 press
PS: I won’t trade this, be aware of that please!!

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  1. I have the test press of the B9 reissue, but don't have the white wax. Also Schism started at #7 because Alex Brown had done zines before he started Schism and this was the 7th zine put together by him.


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