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Records Are Keepers Of The Faith

The main symbolic wasn’t mentioned in the poll; to start a band, write music you need faith and to cement all this by pressing records you need faith. That’s why records are keepers of that faith.

I encounter a lot insults by people I know; they say I’m addicted or obsessed with buying on the internet. They say that I will go broke or am a complete fool by spending so much money on records. Some even want to stop me doing this. But I can go against this strong current. Because I’m a keeper of the faith. So this was the symbolic that had the greatest percentage in the poll. So I’m sure that those who voted are knowing me in the right way. And I’m grateful for that.

The other two symbolics were also true but in a less important level. To trade, sell and buy you also need faith, true!

And the need to keep records is also a reflection of a deeper faith, also true!

THANKS for voting and reading my blog!

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