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Hatebreed: rare Colorways

Some months ago I finally get to buy the debut album of HATEBREED, called ‘Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire’. I knew this record from the time it came out but never actually get to buy stuff from this band back in the days. I heard the record on my friends bedroom though and was immediately a big fan of Jamey Jasta’s voice. It felt so warm while still remaining a heavy and brutal voice.

The Victory records webstore mentioned the pressing info. And since Victory has no pressing info page online I immediately wrote down the numbers. That being known I still didn’t know the number of the pressing. So I looked it up on a very decent collectors site called ‘DEAD FORMAT’. It must be a 5th + pressing. Also saw to my pleasant surprise that the yellow color (200 made) is one of the rarest colors ever pressed.

hatebreed satisfaction is the death of desire lp yellow victory records
I also picked up the ‘Under The Knife’ 7″ from HATEBREED. This time I didn’t get it online but found in mint condition in a collector store in Bruges. I saw it in the record boxes and immediately went home to find the pressing info on the internet. So I found it a saw that it was an only 200 made version and that it was together with the gold version the most limited color. This was quite a find I thought and hurried back to the store.
hatebreed under the knife 7 inch green vinyl
Another thing I would like to share with you is the way I graded this record mint. When looking at the grooves I saw now tear on the sides of the grooves, they were simply straight, smooth and shiny lines. It is not simple to teach it someone, but after all these years of collecting I got this skill. The cover is something anyone can judge. There cannot be wear on the corners or ringwear. The sleeve must look totally new or looking like it never had a vinyl record in it.

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