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ARTWORK from the VA H8000 vol. 1

In respons to the H8000 CENTRAL blog authors view upon the cover from this compilation I would like to say that I think the cover isn’t that ugly but that’s obviously because there are two people that I recognize on the cover picture. Namely two VITALITY members, not on the stage but in the crowd moshing it up. I’m sure there are some other legendary H8000 crew’ers in this crowd and stagediving singer picture that’s featured in the artwork. But maybe the colors are wrongly picked… To me it remains a classic, despite the not 100% cool artwork.

various h8000 hardcore cd cover sober mind genet records
You see in the front of the right side Vitality’s lead guitarist Bob grabbing legs of the stagediving vocalist. And behind him is the drummer of Vitality, Simon. That’s kinda cool for me to see because I always saw them on stage and never in the crowd.
I already told you about the TESTPRESSING of the vinyl version of this record. But to be complete I will give you the bands featuring on this release:


I also told you of the smaller bands that are on this comp. Well, I decided to start collecting music from them. I already got a LIFECYCLE CD and the INSTINCT 7″. These are rare and fine H8000 products for sure boys and girls!! Will make a post of these in the future…

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  1. Instinct, supercool. Heb die 7″ hier ook op blauw vinyl liggen. Heel cool om te zien dat gasten van die band vandaag nog altijd bezig zijn met hardcore.

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