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BLINDFOLD Discography and Record Pictures

I’m well on track in completing my BLINDFOLD collection. Because what you see here is every title with BF. Besides that there is a split with Encounter on Sober Mind Records and 6 different compilations were they appear on. After doing some research I have come to the following discography below:


Deprogrammers Do Not Exist (7″, black /1000) PMA Records 1992

Sober Mind Meditation (7″, Blue /1000) Warehouse Records 1993

Restrain The Thought (LP, Purple and Black) Conquer The World Records 1993

Split with Encounter (7″, black) Sober Mind Records 1994

World Of Fools (7″, Green and Black) Machination Records 1995

Asteroid 164* (LP, Black only /1000) Sober Mind Records 1996

Live At Vortn’ Vis (LP, Orange #/88, Yellow #/140 and black) Sober Mind Records

Tracks Appear On:

Regress No Way (7″, 2000 made) “Compare And Adjust” Warehouse Records

Land Of Greed… World Of Need (LP/CD) “I Wish I” Watermark, Trustkill Records 1994

H8000 Hardcore The Compilation Volume One (CD/LP) “Spiritual Suicide ’97” Genet Records, Sober Mind Records 1998

Hardcore Knockout (CD, Comp) “Reccessal Hymn” Genet Records, Sober Mind Records 1998

Illiterate (LP) “Affection” Ebullition Records

The Good Life (LP black vinyl only, CD) “Hypostatized” Good Life Recordings

Sources are:

Ed Goodlife colorwax page
Jasper De Deyne

Luckily Edward gave me a quick made picture with the “World Of Fools” color edition 7″ and the TESTPRESS of “Sobermind Meditation” 7″ to add extra weight to this post.
It is a pitty the numbers are unknown, isn’t it fellow collectors and readers of this blog??

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  1. Wow Willem, near complete collection !i’m about to sell some Blindfold rarities and test presses next month, anyone interested, feel free to contact me.That includes the Blindfold red Gibson 3 mic SG which was also used to record Rise Above and Nations on Fire material, outside of Blindfold area.Best Regards,Ed Goodlife.


  2. Hey Willem. Als je een foto wilt van de “Live at Vorte Vis” LP op Oranje moet je maar iets laten weten.Deze bestaat ook op Clear Fluogeel en Zwart vinyl.Jasper.


  3. Graag gedaan, ik laat iets weten als ik een zwarte of gele tegenkom. Helemaal niet gezien dat jij de oranje al hebt, mooizo!Jasper


  4. woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u have a great lovely stuffssss!!do u have extra copies from any Blinfold's releases? if you have any of them, please do email me at or visit me and u could drop your message at…cheers,babat,malaysia


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