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My Ambitions collection (only missing the tests)

Ambitions was formed in 2005 with only a few goals in mind: to have fun and to create music that was a departure from the current music scene and to find a way to challenge the boundaries that separate hardcore and punk. The band features 3 core members from the widely known WITH HONOR (Victory Records) and later recruited -after a positive response to their 2005 demo “No Limits”- good friends Matt Fox and Matt Fletcher of Shai Hulud. With this solidification they toured with Modern Life Is War, Bane, Have Heart, Verse and Shipwreck. But This was only temporarily, by the time they made the record for Bridge Nine the two Matt’s were already gone.

Lyrically and musically, Ambitions attempts to tackle themes of introspection and self-exploration, or “coming to terms with the disparity between our youthful aspirations and the reality of the world,” according to vocalist Jay Aust. Ambitions strives to break through the genre barriers that plague the current hardcore/punk scene by playing honest music that they enjoy, without limiting themselves to any one scene’s constraints. The three labels they were on have drawn comparisons to Ignite, H20, late era Bold, Shelter, Quicksand, Fugazi and Dag Nasty!
Now that I finished my collection of this band a sad feeling strikes me, there won’t come anymore because the band called it quits. But there is hope because I actually haven’t really all the records; the test pressings are missing. So now I’m considering if I will search them or not.

Here are all the records:

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